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Excel remains the leading application for business modelling and what-if analysis.

But although Excel has a rich function set and can create complex bespoke models, the modelling tools to run scenarios just don’t measure up.

Many users spend time adding custom-made structures and code to their models to run reliable what-if scenarios. These structures are then continuously reworked and adapted for new data combinations and permutations.


You want more changes … again?

Updating custom structures within a tight deadline is tough. Shortcuts are sought, some analysis is skipped, and models must be re-checked for any introduced errors.

When you’re managing hundreds of versions or scenarios with thousands of data cells, you need financial modelling tools optimised for your needs.


The new way to run and recreate scenarios

Lugano is a powerful Excel add-in that enhances your financial models.

There’s no need to redo past work or sacrifice quality for efficiency. Lugano’s auditing, reporting and charting tools allow users to track and change data directly in the model. No need for complex code or lookup structures.

With Lugano, you can track and record actions, and easily replay, re-sequence or reuse them. Efficiently examine financial data to forecast the future and make robust recommendations.


Built by analysts, for analysts.

Lugano was developed by financial analysts whose careers have included more than twenty years of high-level financial modelling and forecasting.

They saw the same recurring issues across all Excel financial models. How can you track the thousands of changes made in the spreadsheet? And how can you demonstrate that changes are correct and complete?

An automated and intelligent tool was needed to keep a record of all the data changes made to the model. A tool to manage the editing of scenarios and the recording of version data. Lugano was created to provide this solution.


Easily reproduce your work to audit the results

Save reports to accurately document variables and scenarios. Use these to review your work or describe the process. You can also record and replay scenarios to confidently reproduce findings for supervisors and auditors.

Find the information you need fast

Respond to questions from managers and executives with speed and accuracy. Quickly locate key actions and decision points, then explore the model at that point.

Easily share data and insights to support your recommendations. In just a few clicks, you can create reports, charts, logs, difference sheets suitable for your PowerPoint presentation or an analysis deck for distribution, archiving or review.

Get financial insights you can trust

Lugano was built to address the limitations and frustrations experienced by analysts using Excel for financial modelling and forecasting.

Lugano provides the tools for complex scenario modelling and simplifies risk management with its powerful audit trail capabilities.

Now, building financial models with Microsoft Excel is practical and efficient.

Lugano is the scenario modelling that propels even junior analysts to become high performers in scenario analysis risk management.

And if you’re making high-value business decisions, you can be confident that you’re being informed by the best Excel scenario manager for financial modelling.


Say goodbye to manually logging changes.

Let Lugano do the hard work for you.

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