Better financial modelling for critical business decisions

Lugano is a powerful add-in for Excel that enhances your financial models.

There’s no longer any need to redo past work or sacrifice quality for efficiency. Now, you can use Lugano to track and record actions, so they can easily be replayed, resequenced or reused.

With Lugano, you can efficiently examine financial data to forecast the future and make robust recommendations. Just define the range names in your financial model to get started.

The Lugano story

Lugano was developed by a financial analyst whose career has included more than twenty years of high-level financial modelling.

He saw the same recurring issues across all spreadsheet financial models. How can you track the thousands of changes made in the spreadsheet? And how can you demonstrate that changes are correct and complete?

An automated and intelligent tool was needed to keep a record of all the data changes made to the model. A tool to manage the editing of scenarios and the recording of version data.

Lugano was created to provide this solution.

Find the information you need fast

Whether you’re talking to managers, senior executives or board members, you’re expected to respond to questions with speed and accuracy.

Lugano helps you quickly locate key actions and decision points, then explore the model at that point. Easily share data and insights to support your recommendations.

In just a few clicks, you can also create waterfall charts to illustrate outcomes.

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Easily reproduce your work to audit the results

As you work, you can save reports to accurately document variables and scenarios. Use these to review your work or describe the process.

You’re also able to record and replay scenarios to confidently reproduce findings for supervisors and auditors.

Financial insights you can trust

Lugano was built to address the limitations and frustrations experienced by analysts using Excel for financial modelling.

Now, it’s practical and efficient for analysts to be diligent. Even junior analysts become high-performers using Lugano.

And if you’re making high-value business decisions, you can be confident that you’re being informed by the best financial modelling.

Work smarter.

Create robust financial models with ease.