Quality financial modelling takes time and attention to detail

Excel lets you tailor inputs, quickly change data and integrate with other software. But most analysts know that’s not enough. On its own, Excel doesn’t help you record changes or reproduce your work.

It doesn’t help you quickly test the many scenarios in your financial model, each made up of thousands of variables. And it doesn’t help when you need data to answer the questions posed by managers, executives or auditors.

When your work underpins critical business decisions, you need a tool tailored to your needs.

The Excel add-in that takes your work to the next level

Lugano does the things you always wanted to… (if only you had the time).

Why choose Lugano?

Analyse financial scenarios faster

No need for shortcuts or painstaking adjustments. With inbuilt tracking, you can record your work automatically, then easily reuse earlier actions.

Make robust recommendations

With a clear record of the model and analysis, you can be confident every variable has been considered. Change, swap or replay your steps to investigate every scenario.

Avoid errors and inconsistencies

Track and store versions, then drag and drop to reuse. Easily review your work, then replicate versions precisely.

Demonstrate process with ease

Detailed records make it easy to explain your process and support recommendations. Reproduce your findings for supervisors and auditors.

Here’s what users say

John Smith
CEO, Business Corp

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Work smarter.

Create robust financial models with ease.