No matter your challenge, Lugano has your back.

You’re losing time manually logging changes for auditing.

You need a solution that logs your changes automatically so you can review them with confidence.

You’re sick of models that become cumbersome as they grow.

It’s time to grow and scale your models with ease, using automated scripts to edit and rerun scenarios and what-if analysis effortlessly.

You’re frustrated by impenetrable black-box outputs.

You want full visibility of each incremental change, so that it’s easy to understand complex spreadsheets and share intricate results.


Supercharge your Excel scenario modelling with Lugano.

Lugano is an Excel add-in that tailors Excel to the advanced needs of analysts and modellers. It records model data—including formulas and changes to cells—in any worksheet within any open workbook. Lugano can log and chart all of your changes and results. Versions are created directly from the data in the model, then easily assembled to create scenarios.

Lugano is a no-code process for Excel scenario development. It is easier to use than the traditional method of adding complex cell formulas, data tables and programming in a model.

Lugano uses simple and intuitive techniques to build scenarios—visual interfaces, select and click and basic logic with drag-and-drop capabilities. And if you do need additional customization, Lugano also operates as a low-code environment. Simply initiate and execute your hand-coded VBA within Lugano.

Fear not. Lugano works with all your current models.

It’s easy to get started with Lugano. Once installed, Lugano works seamlessly with your existing scenarios and dashboards.


Lugano is the smarter way to test and run scenarios.
And get your weekend back.

Easily review and audit your process

Automated recording makes it easy to explain your process and support recommendations. Choose what to record, then reproduce your findings for supervisors and auditors.

Analyse changes to your scenarios faster

Track and store versions, then drag and drop to reuse. Easily review your work, then replicate versions precisely.

Experiment and reset instantly

Lugano records all of your initial values. Test new ideas, add alternatives to your master scenario and easily reset to the start.

Deliver robust, accurate outcomes

With a clear record of the model and analysis, you can be confident every variable has been considered. Change, swap or replay your steps to investigate every scenario.

Explain complex, counter-intuitive results

Bite-size steps are recorded at your chosen level of detail. The accuracy of each step can be easily explained, providing confidence that the overall result is correct.

Limitless versions and scenarios

Versions and scenarios can be added ‘as is’, with no programming required. Create as many versions or scenarios as you need, without any limit on size.

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Lugano is packed with powerful features to keep your auditors happy.

Intuitive commands

Drag and drop, hot-key based context menus.

Simple navigation tools

Click to find ranges and source data.

Tailored recording

Select what and how much to record.

Replay and reuse

Quickly access previous work.

Audit trail and logs

Access complete version history.

Reports and charts

Generate detailed visual results.

Access and permissions

Protect sensitive data in separate workbooks.

Merge multiple scenarios

Bring together collaborative work.

Share for review

Audit using track and replay.


Say goodbye to manually logging changes.

Let Lugano do the hard work for you.

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